Kuzmenko Olha

The Head of the Chair

Ph.D., Associate Professor


"Economic-mathematical methods and models (optimization methods and models)", "Economic-mathematical methods and models (econometrics)", "Modeling of economy", "Actuarial calculations", "Mathematical methods and models in management and marketing", "Mathematical software: mathematical analysis", "Mathematical software: statistical analysis", "Statistics", "Economic Cybernetics", " Socio-economic processes forecasting".


2009 - scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences, the theme "Development of investment banks innovative technologies customer service" on the specialty “Money, finance and credit”.

2006 - master's diploma on a speciality "Economic Cybernetics", State Higher Educational Institution "Ukrainian Academy banking NBU", thesis: "Economic-mathematical modeling of Ukrainian banks reliability ratings".

Scientific interests:

Modeling of economic processes (optimization methods and models, econometrics).

Construction and investigation of the dynamic econometric models.

Formation and development of the insurance and reinsurance markets.

Financial monitoring in banks.