The Chair of Economic Cybernetics

General information about the Department

The Chair of Economic Cybernetics was founded in 2000. The first intake of students on a specialty «Economic cybernetics» was held in 2000. Since the beginning of the academic year the Chair was headed by Ph.D. in Economics D.M. Marchenko, and soon - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics S.P. Roshchupkin. At that time the Chair consisted of 10 employees.

From 2002 to 2004 Ph.D. in Technics V.V. Yatsenko headed the Chair. From 2005 to 2010 - Ph.D. in Technics S.M. Nowak, and from 2010 to 2014 - Ph.D. in Technics K.G. Gritsenko.

From 2014 to 2016, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics V.M. Oliynyk has headed the Chair.

Since 2016 and to present Head of the Cybernetic department Doctor of Economics, Professor O.V. Kuzmenko

The Chair consists of 17 employees: Doctors of Science: Professors – 1; Associate Professors – 1; PhD’s – 12, including Associate Professors – 8, Senior Lecturers – 4; Senior Laboratorian – 1; Laboratorian – 2.

Over these years, the employees prepared and published several dozen books and manuals from various disciplines, which aimed at improving the educational process.

The Chair is leading in the preparation:

  • «Bachelor» degree for the specialization 6.030502 «Economic Cybernetics»;
  • «Master» degree for the specialty 8.03050201 «Economic Cybernetics».

The Chair has trained more than 300 masters and more than 90% of lecturers have the academic degrees.

Almost all graduates are in demand and work in the specialty, as the knowledges of information technologies, methods of analysis and study of economic processes are the requirement of the present times and the key to a successful career.

To provide professional training for different specialties at the Chair about 40 disciplines, for which the modern methodological support are constantly created and perfected, are taught:

  • «Algorithmic»
  • «Informational Security»
  • «Dealing Information Systems»
  • «Operations Research»
  • «Economical and Mathematical Modelling: Econometrics»
  • «Economical and Mathematical Modelling: Optimizational Methods and Models»
  • «Economic Cybernetics: Programming»
  • «Economic Cybernetics: System Analysis»
  • «Efficiency of Information Systems»
  • «Data Mining»
  • «Informatics»
  • «Informational Security in Informational and Communicative Systems»
  • «Informational Management»
  • «Information Systems and Technologies in Banking Sector»
  • «Information Systems and Technologies in Management»
  • «Computer Networks»
  • «Corporative Information Systems»
  • «Mathematics for Economists. Higher Mathematics »
  • «Mathematics for Economists. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics»
  • «Mathematical Methods and Models of Market Economy»
  • «Methodology of Scientific Researches in the Informational Economy»
  • «Models of Economical Dynamics»
  • «Business Processes Modeling»
  • «Modelling in Socio-Economical Systems Management»
  • «Economical Modelling»
  • « Modelling in System Characteristics of the Economy»
  • «Operating Systems»
  • «Applied Econometrics»
  • «Predicting of Socio-Economical Processes»
  • «Mathematical Analysis Software»
  • «Statistical Analysis Software»
  • «Decision-Making Systems»
  • «Programming Networks Technologies»
  • «Technologies of Designing and Administration of Databases and Data Warehouses»
  • « Technologies of Information Systems Creation»
  • «Informational Systems Management».

The Chair has 10 computer classes and specialized laboratories connected to the Internet. For the educational process, modern licensed software is used.

Special attention the Chair gives to the continuous computer training of the future economist-analyst. For this, all major subjects have computer support, an internal web-site is operated.

The Chair carried out scientific leadership of postgraduate students on scientific specialty 08.00.11 «Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in economy».